Carolina Sunflower Field 2018

What a fun filled crazy busy evening we had! I picked you up from school and you were so happy as always running down the hall while you showed me the sweet little pictures you had colored and made for me that day! You are my absolute world. It was raining but we had sunflower field plans and you had asked if we were still going to see Auntie Sarah, Uncle Travis, and Cousin TJ. I assured you that rain or shine you and I were most definitely headed out to that sunflower field. You were so very excited. As we walked inside I went to your closet and pulled out the two outfits I had planned for you to wear and found a bow or two to match and off we went out the door! We arrived around 6:15 to the field and I had to change you over into your beautiful yellow dress. Once we walked over and paid we started our adventure walking through the many sunflowers. You insisted you didn’t need your shoes so I of course ended up carrying you everywhere because the ground was too nasty for my sweet little girls toes! I had you spinning around and kissing all of the flowers. You were loving it.


            Auntie Sarah, Uncle Travis, and Cousin TJ all arrived shortly after we had made our way to the back field. You were so excited and started running around playing. You and TJ had an absolute blast playing! I loved watching you both sniff and smell and adventure through all the beautiful sunflowers. I loved our family adventure at Dogwood Farms in Belews Creek, NC. They have a lovely piece of land with beautiful sunflowers! It is definitely a must see in August!


Your Mommy

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